The Ten Commandments!
and then some . . .


When the Lord gave us The Ten Commandments (through Moses), He really started something! Below are links to "other" ten commandments. Some are humorous, some are thoughtful, all are fun!  Happy Surfing! 

Most of these links will take you to someone else's website.  Remember to use your "back" button to get back to this page.  Thanks!

The Ten Commandments for Husbands and Wives
Are you stressed?. . . for Reducing Stress!
. . .for Computer Ethics
. . . for Carefree Gardening
. . . for Stargate Fans!
. . . of Love
. . . of Cell Phone Etiquette
. . . of Goal Setting

. . . of Sports (or any other competition) Parents
According to Your Dog (Also, for Being a Responsible Pet Owner)
According to Your Cat

The Forgotton Other Ten Commandments
To be fair, the original Ten Commandments
and, last but absolutely necessary . . .
The Ten Commandments for Writing Ten Commandments

Hopes 'n More Links


Stargate SG1 Videos
To Await A Thought
Happiness and (gasp!) Church
Freedom's Memorial Salute

Our Family Room
Home of The Mighty One! (Well, one of them)
Halloween all year!
If you collect McD toy dalmatians, this is something you can identify with!
What Happened to the Toyrooms?

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