The Ten Commandments for STARGATE Fans

Written By The Hopes 'n More Family

Jack Sam Daniel

Greetings, Earthlings!  I hope you enjoy our list!  You may also want to visit our Stargate Videos page.  And don't forget to check the bottom of this page for a surprise visitor who has traveled a l-o-n-g way to be here!

  1. If you are female, you must have a crush on at least one male member of the show.  If you are male, you must tolerate your female’s crush on at least one member of the show.

  2. You must say, “indeed” often, while arching one eyebrow.  If you are raised-eyebrow deficient, you must at least say it in a deep voice.

  3. You must know all the definitions and proper uses of the word, “Cree!”  (or is it “Kree?”)

  4.  You must know who “Homer” is, and we’re not talking about that Simpson guy.   (Hint: refer to episode, Beneath the Surface.)

  5.  When gathered, true fans must have lengthy discussions on the correct pronunciation of “go’uld”  (gow- úld, goold, gó -a-uld), and Jaffa (ja-fáw, jă-fa), etc. 

  6. The day a new season is released on DVD shall be a day of rejoicing, celebration, and marathon Stargate watching. 

  7. Monday and Friday nights must be reserved solely for the purpose of watching Stargate.  This supersedes all other activities, such as Monday Night Football, dating, or having a life.

  8. You must know all the episodes in which Daniel Jackson died, or was thought to have died, or came seriously close to dying, or . . . uh . . . well, you know.

  9. At least once during your lifetime, you must make a pilgrimage to the real Cheyenne Mountain complex.  But don’t approach the gates . . . you might get shot, especially if you are dressed like a Tok’ra.  (Note:  If the soldiers at Cheyenne Mountain see you and shout, “Hey, it’s another one of those crazed Stargate fans!” run before you hear the sound of  bullets whizzing by your ears.)

  10. For crying out loud, I can't think of anything else!

And now for our special visitor!

alien waving

Say Hi to Thor!
It looks like Jack finally talked Thor into going fishing with him!

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