The Ten Commandments for Writing Ten Commandments!
By the Hopes 'n More Family


For those who want to enter the world of commandment writing (who doesn't?), here are a few suggestions to help you on your journey through the wilderness.  (Sorry, no manna or miracles on this page!)

  1. Make sure thou hast Ten Commandments.  Nine just won’t do.

  2. Remember thy imagination and use it often.

  3. Create simple commandments so that less superior beings, (thou knowest who they are), will be able to enjoy and understand.

  4. Differ thine own commandments from the originals lest the Almighty sue thee.

  5.  Convince people that thy commandments are the only commandments. (The original ten excluded, of course, lest the Almighty smite thee.)

  6. Make sure that commandment number six comes after number five and before seven. (If thou doest not this thing, thou wilt be laughed at.)

  7. Stick to a specific theme else thou risk confusing those who, upon reading, will have no idea what thou art talking about.

  8. Provide humorous commandments, which will prevent those with the attention span of a goldfish from becoming potential zombie slaves.

  9. Always make commandments that will inconvenience others.  It is so much more fun!

  10. Never, never, ever make commandments that wilt inconvenience thine own self!

 Good luck!

Copyright notice:  This version of "The Ten Commandments for Writing Ten Commandments" is copyrighted by the Hopes 'n More family.  You may repost this on other web pages as long as proper credit is given and a link provided back to this page.  Thank you!


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