Little Lee's Haunted House Credits Page

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! On this page, you will find links to the sites where I found each graphic or sound clip. These images and sounds are from public collections or domains, and credit was given where possible. If, however, proper credit was not given, let me know and the situation will be immediately remedied.  ALL of the links worked at the time that I put them on this page.  

Many of these images can be found on multiple sites, so I gave credit to the site where I first saw the image.  

There are a few images that I forgot to write down where I found them, so I am currently trying to track them down again. When they are found, credit will be given.

Some webmasters asked that a link or their logo be placed on the same page where the image is used. I hope they do not mind that I did not do that.  I wanted the flow of this haunted house to go smoothly, without distractions.  I hope linking each image with the specific site where I found it is enough.

I wanted this virtual haunted house to be perfect, so I did tinker with some images.  Some had black or white backgrounds, and I made them transparent.  Some I adjusted the speed of the animation. Others I combined two or more images to make one.  I used JASC Animation Shop version 3, and JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.  If I could work with this software, believe me, anyone can.  

Please do not copy images from this site!  This is not a collection. If there is an image or sound that you like, please
visit the site where I found the graphic. Many of these sites are excellent graphic sites.  Some are excellent for all kinds of graphics, others strictly for Halloween, and some are Halloween sites with lots of information on Halloween, not just graphics.  If you do not visit these sites, you will be missing out!  

As always, if you have any questions or comments, use the feedback form, and I will reply as soon as I can.

(I am not an artist, so I am grateful to all of the talented people out there who are willing to share their creativity with the rest of us.  This includes graphic designers, amateur artists, and computer geniuses, who helped me learn what javascript is.  Thanks so much!!!!!)


The rooms are listed in alphabetical order.  You can browse through the list, or click on the name of the room to go there immediately.   If you cannot find a graphic listed, let me know through the feedback form.  

Attic (Bats, Monster in Mirror)
Ballroom (Jukebox)
Bathroom (Creature from Black Lagoon)
Bedroom (Green monster)
Dungeon (Executioner)
Dungeon Entry (Skeleton sentries)
Dungeon Hallway (Medusa, keys)
End Page (Trick-or-treaters)
Flee Page (Grim Reaper)
Front of Haunted House
Gypsy Fortune Page
Graveyard (Blue ghost)
Hallway (Knight, Invisible Man)
Hearse Page
Kitchen (Witch)
Laboratory (Dr. Frankenstein)
Library (Ghost librarian)
Mine Car Ride
Oops Page (Tombstone)
Parlor (Dracula, Wolfman)
Souvenir Store (Grim Reaper)
Spider Room
Staircase (Ghost)
Tomb Room (Mummy)

Javascript Sites


Attic (Bats, Monster in Mirror)  Go to attic

  1. Background –
  2. Script for flying bats - Dynamic Drive
  3. Bats upside down – Animation Library
  4. Door – Cavern of Clipart
  5. Dracula in coffin – Carla’s Halloween Page
  6. Ghost with chains, witch in window – Curly’s Halloween
  7. Ghost in rocking chair – Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  8. Monster in mirror, spider ring – Animated Gifs at
  9. Rocking chair – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  10. Skull picture in frame
  11. Skull colorful animation, window with storm going by – Useless Graphics
  12. Spider web – FreeByte
  13. Sound Background – I Love

Ballroom (Jukebox)  Go to ballroom

  1. Background - Feebleminds Gifs
  2. Chandeliers, door - Cavern of Clipart
  3. Ghost couple, mummy couple, witchy jig, three skeletons, ghouls playing basketball with head – AniGifs by RW51
  4. Pumpkin trio dance – SpookySites
  5. Frankie dancing – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  6. Jukebox (under ‘miscellaneous,’ pg 19, animation added) – The Clipart Site
  7. Sound Background Halloween Party, Must Be Halloween, Witches on Brooms, Addams theme, Munster theme – I Love
  8. Sound Monster Mash – Spirit of Halloween
  9. Sound Purple People Eater – PCDon’s Music Page

Bathroom (Creature from Black Lagoon)  Go to bathroom

  1. Background –
  2. Bathtub, sink - Animation Library
  3. Bat in towels - Need to find again.
  4. Creature in bathtub, red Creature poster (click on “The Creature Page”) – Buffalo’s Hideout
  5. Creature poster carrying girl, Creature with Munster family picture – on Ebay
  6. Door - Cavern of Clipart
  7. Houseplant tall, lizard in plants, spider toilet - Feebleminds Gifs
  8. Houseplant small (a strange looking animal originally came out of the plant) – Millan Net 
  9. Torches - Curly’s Halloween
  10. Towels -
  11. Sound Background – I Love
  12. Sound Toilet flush (under ‘Around the Home’) – I Love

Bedroom ( Green monster)  Go to bedroom

  1. Background -
  2. Bed (look under “pesky fly”) – Cartoon Cottage
  3. Clock on wardrobe, alarm clock with limbs - Animation Library
  4. Dresser –
  5. Eyes under bed (look under “animal eyes.”  Color on eyes were changed.), three-candled torches, wolfman animated picture - Clippix
  6. Door, ghost on window, green guy under bed - Cavern of Clipart
  7. Ghosts in wardrobe, window that says “boo” - GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  8. Lamp on table, wolfman framed picture – Curly’s Halloween
  9. Lily Munster drawn picture – Image on Ebay
  10. Marilyn Munster with Herman – Steve’s Munster Site
  11. Munster family portrait – on Ebay
  12. Munster individual pictures – on Ebay
  13. Soldiers fighting on dresser (I made the animation using the one soldier I found at this site.) - Feebleminds Gifs
  14. Table small, wardrobe - Miniature Victorian Furniture
  15. Sound Background (pg 2, thunder storm) – Scary Halloween Sounds
  16. Sound Alarm clock – Simply the Best Sounds
  17. Sound Ghost in window (moan#2) – Dusty Beanbag’s Scary Creature Sounds
  18. Sound Monster under bed (groan) – I Love
  19. Sound Sword fighting – (I forgot to write down where I found this sound.  As soon as I find it again, I will put it here.)

Dungeon ( Executioner)  Go to dungeon

  1. Background – J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  2. Axeman guard – Halloween Wizard
  3. Burn at stake, man getting electrocuted – Heather’s Animations
  4. Do not open box – My Holiday Clipart Collection
  5. Door, beheading execution, gargoyle torches, man in stockade, skull smoking, rat  Animation Library
  6. Fireball on gargoyle – Need to find again.
  7. Man in chains, skeleton exercising – Absolute Web Graphics Archives
  8. Man in straitjacket (pendulum was added) – Feebleminds Gifs
  9. Pendulum swinging – Vicki’s Clipart and Animation Storage
  10. Skeleton looking for head – Cavern of Clipart
  11. Skeleton swinging on rope – The Best Collection of Web Images & Clipart
  12. Skulls piled up – Millan Net
  13. Spider with yellow eyes – GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  14. Spider webs – FreeByte
  15. Sound Background (scary#5) – I Love
  16. Sound I am pain  - Scary Halloween Sounds  (This page takes a long, l-o-n-g time to load!  If the sound wavs don't show up right away, just wait.)

Dungeon Entry (Skeleton sentries)  Go to dungeon entry

  1. Door – J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  2. Skeleton sentries, torches – Feebleminds Gifs
  3. Skull brick wall – Tracey’s Halloween Gifs
  4. Skull in smoke – Holiday Pages
  5. Sound Background (scary #????) – I Love

Dungeon Hallway (Medusa, keys)  Go to dungeon hallway

  1. Background (Under clipart; medieval and fantasy backgrounds) – Lord Kyl’s Clipart
  2. Keys – Key Clipart from
  3. Ghost fading up – GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  4. Medusa moving head – Mythical Clipart
  5. Medusa moving whole body (Animation Factory is a pay membership graphics site, but they rotate some graphics for free, which is where I found this one.) – Animation Factory
  6. Medusa statue – Useless Graphics
  7. Sound Background (scary#9) – I Love

End Page (Trick-or-treaters)  Go to end page

  1. Haunted house, lightning on right – The Best Collection of Web Images & Clipart
  2. Lightning flash on left – Animation Library
  3. Ghosts with signs – Cavern of Clipart
  4. Pumpkin flashing, witch flying across moon – Curly’s Halloween
  5. Pumpkin glowing – Adopt a Ghosts' Spooky Graphics
  6. Trick-or-treaters – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  7. Sound Background – I Love

Flee Page (Grim reaper)  Go to flee page

  1. “Are you afraid?” – done by Hopes ‘n More family using JASC Animation Shop 3
  2. Grim reaper graphic (pg 13, special affects added) – Halloween with Emma 

Front of Haunted House  Go to front of haunted house

  1. Script for falling rain – Dynamic Drive
  2. Haunted house, lightning on right – The Best Collection of Web Images & Clipart
  3. Lightning flash on left – Animation Library
  4. Pumpkin, flashing – Curly’s Halloween
  5. Skull enter - Useless Graphics 
  6. Skull flee – Cavern of Clipart
  7. Sound Background – Simply the Best Sounds

Gypsy Fortune Page  Go to gypsy page

  1. Background (pg7) – Feebleminds Gifs
  2. Gypsy from crystal ball – Useless Graphics
  3. Tell your fortune game – by Hopes ‘n More family

Graveyard (Blue ghost)  Go to graveyard

  1. Bats lunging – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  2. Blue ghost specter, owl in dead tree – Animation Library
  3. Black tree, fence, little ghost behind fence, gaggle of ghosts, ghost rising from dirt, grave with dirt and shovel – Cavern of Clipart
  4. Ghoul digging - J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  5. Tombstone with man (Animation Factory is a pay membership graphics site, but they rotate some graphics for free, which is where I found this one.) – Animation Factory
  6. Tombstone with orange-eyed skeleton – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  7. Tombstone that is blank – Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  8. Ghost rising from blank headstone – Need to find again.
  9. “Boo” word – Cartoon Cottage
  10. Vulture – Curly’s Halloween
  11. Sound Background (wind through graveyard) – Carla’s Halloween Page
  12. Sound Bats – Casey’s Halloween Cavern
  13. Sound Ghosts in tree (moans01) – Dusty Beanbag’s Scary Creature Sounds

Hallway (Knight, Invisible Man)  Go to hallway (to see the invisible man, you must enter a room, then leave it going through the door.

  1. Background -
  2. Castle picture – Useless Graphics
  3. Doors, web above door – Cavern of Clipart
  4. Ghost in suit of armor – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  5. Gothic couple painting – Image from Ebay
  6. Hands punching through picture – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  7. Haunted house flashing picture, invisible man’s mask (under ‘glasses’), invisible man’s smoke from pipe (under ‘smoking’) - Animation Library
  8. Invisible man (pg2, changes were made) – Sci Fi & Fantasy Clipart
  9. Knight – Graphic Knights
  10. Stairs –
  11. Torches - Curly’s Halloween
  12. Spider web - FreeByte
  13. Sound Background (scary music #10) – I Love
  14. Sound Ghost in armor (ghost #2) – I Love
  15. Sound Thunder in picture – Countess Blood’s Halloween Horror

Hearse Page  Go to hearse page

  1. Gate (the original graphic is a fence with this gate in the middle) - Cavern of Clipart
  2. Hearse graphic – Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  3. Wolf howling at moon – Need to find again.
  4. Sound Background (Funeral March) –

Kitchen (Witch)  Go to kitchen

  1. Background –
  2. Broom, book of spells, candles on walls – Curly’s Halloween
  3. Cat, cauldron on stove, hands coming out of big cauldron – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  4. Eye bowl, witch cooking – My Holiday Clipart Collection
  5. Fire demon – Absolute Web Graphics Archives
  6. Fireplace – Animation Library
  7. Crystal ball, ghost coming out of stove, old man changing portrait – Useless Graphics
  8. Mist twirling in crystal ball (from a ghost graphic) – Cavern of Clipart
  9. Sandwich mold – Heather’s Animations
  10. Stove (Look under “Food”, page 2) – Cartoon Cottage
  11. Table red (originally pink), table gray (expanded version of smaller, black table) – Miniature Victorian Furniture
  12. Trapdoor –
  13. Turkey, roasting – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  14. Sound Background (mad scientist lab effect) – Super Globe’s Scary Halloween Sounds
  15. Sound Cat screeching – SunSite
  16. Sound Witch’s cackle – I Love

Laboratory (Dr. Frankenstein)  Go to lab

  1. Background – Tintagel Free Images
  2. Beaker bubbling, brain in jar, door - GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  3. Brain in mouseover effect – Feebleminds Gifs
  4. Electric current, Frankie on table, walking Frankie (originally blue) – Cavern of Clipart
  5. Grandpa Munster drawing – on Ebay
  6. Guts in jar, jar that guts are in - Animation Library
  7. Mad scientist – Noetic Art
  8. Man in chamber (pg4) – Sci Fi & Fantasy Clipart
  9. Poison (color changed) – Heather’s Animations
  10. Poof animation (under “formula”) – Millan Net
  11. Skeleton in chamber (from hanging skeleton) – The Best Collection of Web Images & Clipart
  12. Skeleton waiting for doctor - Absolute Web Graphics Archives
  13. Torches – Halloween with Emma
  14. Table with chemicals on it, extra chemicals on right side of table – Useless Graphics
  15. Sound Background (second ‘laboratory’) – Scary Halloween Sounds (Takes a looooong time to load.)
  16. Sound Frankenstein – I Love
  17. Sound Heartbeat – I Love

Library (Ghost librarian) Go to library

  1. Background –
  2. Books on third shelf, ship in bottle – GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  3. Book with moving quill (pg 35), picture of battle scene (pg 134) – Animated Gifs at
  4. Books on all other shelves, open book on mouseovers - #1 Free Clipart
  5. Bookshelf long; thriller, horror, mystery graphics – Ms. P’s Web Design Web Design Resources Books and Library Clipart
  6. Chandelier torches, clock with pendulum – Heather’s Animations
  7. Dorian Gray aging picture – Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  8. Eyes moving on skull candle – Jill’s Cyberdelic Heaven Gifs & Stuff
  9. Fireplace, fountain, lizard on plant - Animation Library
  10. Ghost dancing on lounge – SpookySites
  11. Horses fighting, statue of Cupid shooting arrows, window with scary person in it – Useless Graphics
  12. Houseplant fern – Feebleminds Gifs
  13. Librarian ghost – Halloween Animations
  14. Lounge couch (originally pink) - Miniature Victorian Furniture
  15. Skeleton pirate and baseball player busts – Absolute Web Graphics Archives
  16. Skull candle – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  17. Spider web - FreeByte
  18. Staircase - Cavern of Clipart
  19. Sound Background (Dark Shadows) – Welcome to My Halloween Music
  20. Sound Horses – Simply the Best Sounds
  21. Sound Librarian (Morticia) - Dusty Beanbag’s Collection of Evil Quotes II
Graphics on Book Pages
Beware of Curiosity  Go to Curiosity page
  1. Skeleton holding candle - Cavern of Clipart
  2. Fog line, skeleton in dungeon - Curly’s Halloween
Halloween Monster Fable  Go to Fable page
  1. Monster with hump - J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  2. Girl eating candy - Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
Mine Car Ride  Go to mine car ride

  1. Mine car ride – Useless Graphics
  2. Sound Background (scary #6) – I Love

Oops Page (Tombstone)  Go to oops page

  1. Tombstone – Cavern of Clipart
  2. Sound Background (Taps) – Scary Halloween Sounds

Parlor Room (Dracula, Wolfman)  Go to parlor

  1. Background – Windy’s Design Studio
  2. Bat garland, double wooden door, ghost in grandfather clock - Cavern of Clipart
  3. Bat wandering - Need to find again.
  4. Couch (originally pink), small, gray table, (originally black) – Miniature Victorian Furniture
  5. Dracula – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  6. Grandfather clock, red wine – Animation Library
  7. Medusa turning snake head – Useless Graphics
  8. Mona Lisa Medusa – Image found on Ebay
  9. Picture of sailing ship in storm – Dizzinz Studio (Look under “Water Animations.”  Sinking animation done by Hopes ‘n More.)
  10. Torches - Curly’s Halloween
  11. Wolfman behind couch – Cartoon Cottage
  12. Sound Background –
  13. Sound Dracula welcome – Dusty Beanbag’s Collection of Evil Quotes II
  14. Sound Wolfman growl – Dusty Beanbag’s Scary Creature Sounds

Souvenir Store (Grim Reaper)  Go to souvenir store

  1. Background, shelves – Cavern of Clipart
  2. Blue beaker (under ‘miscellaneous,’ pg19), cash register (under ‘business,’ pg3), hat and gloves (under ‘miscellaneous,’ pg2, color changed) – The Clipart Site
  3. Bobblehead – Feebleminds Gifs
  4. Candle torches – Carla’s Halloween Page
  5. Check-out desk (under ‘Geography & History/Egypt/secretary’), trick-or-treat bag – Animation Library
  6. Complaint department – Witchy’s Place
  7. Door – J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  8. Egyptian statue, ouiji board – Useless Graphics
  9. Globe witch – Tracey’s Halloween Gifs
  10. Globe eyes – FreshettesGraphics
  11. Globe ghost – Quiet Storm’s Halloween page
  12. Munster dolls – MorticiasMorgue
  13. Plant that dies – Need to find again.
  14. Poof animation on beaker – I made this up from various clipart that is in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.  The actual “poof” animation is by – Millan Net
  15. Poster, tombstone for sale – Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  16. Pumpkin that carves itself – Clippix
  17. Skeleton cashier – Feebleminds Gifs
  18. Souvenir Store sign – CoolText
  19. Vampire teeth – Lexi’s Animation Attic
  20. Sound Background (under ‘unknowns,’ fourth from the top) – Carla’s Halloween Page

Spider Room  Go to spider room

  1. Spider graphic – Need to find again.
  2. Sound Background (lion scream) – Animal Sounds

Staircase (Ghost)   Go to staircase

  1. Eyes in the dark (look under “animal eyes”) - Clippix
  2. Ghost on stairs - Dave’s Halloween Gifs
  3. Green monster peeking – Jan’s Courtyard Halloween Index
  4. Stairs - GoGraph, Ultimate Source of Graphics
  5. Torches – J’s Magic Halloween Gallery
  6. Sound Background (eerie music) – I Love

Tomb Room (Mummy)  Go to tomb

  1. Background –
  2. Border at top of page – IconBAZAAR
  3. Animation scenes – Hathor’s Realm
  4. Anubis hieroglyph, canopic jars, hieroglyphic wallpaper, small gold statues –
  5. Anubis sneezing (or biting), sphinx with fire – Useless Graphics
  6. Door, eye of Horus, torches – Animation Library
  7. King Tut hieroglyph, King Tut’s gold mask – KingTutOne
  8. Mummy under King Tut’s mask – DK Clipart
  9. Mummy that moves inside sarcophagus – Cavern of Clipart
  10. Sarcophagus – Emerald Empress’ Holiday Hall
  11. Scorpion, snake on bar – Feebleminds Gifs
  12. Snake cobra (look under “animals”) – #1 Free Clipart
  13. Snake green – need to find again
  14. Sound Background (Ramses Conquest) – Ancient Nile
  15. Sound Mummy moan – I Love

Javascript Helps (in no particular order)

  1. Scripts
  2. Javascript Kit
  3. Javascript City
  4. Dynamic Drive
  6. Uncle Jim’s Web Designs and Tutorials
  7. The Site Wizard


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Ghost / pumpkin graphic found at Holidays by Tagggy

Little ghost flying back and forth found at Jan's Courtyard Halloween Index

Frankenstein graphic found at Cavern of Clipart

Witch and waving drac graphic found at Animation Attic

Yellow eyes graphics found at Spooky Graphics Adopt a Ghost