Beware of Curiosity
By the Hopes 'n More Family

Curiosity.  What an interesting word.  Some say that it embodies the very nature of man.  Certainly, many of the modern marvels we enjoy today were discovered because someone asked what, why, when, or how.

But sometimes . . .
                                         . . . curiosity can be the very devil himself.

Yes . . . 
                    whispering . . .
                                              calling . . .
                                                                coaxing . . .
                                                                                    enticing . . .

Why is that old house abandoned?  Is it really empty? 

Why don’t we just take a look?  How can we get through this rusty gate?

Why is the door unlocked?  Why does no one live here? 

How do so many spiders and cobwebs exist in one place?

Why does the furniture look so old?  Why does the portrait above the fireplace mantle seem to be looking at us no matter where we go?

Where does that strange staircase lead?  Are there answers upstairs?  How do these stairs hold up when they creak so badly?

What made someone put so many rooms on the second floor?  Why are all the doors locked, except one . . .?

Why is this room so dark?  Where are the candles?  

What just brushed against me?

Why is it suddenly so cold?  What are those scraping noises?  What is bumping against the floor?  

Who’s moaning so horribly?

What is that rotting smell?  Why are the noises getting louder?  Where did the door go? 

How do I get out? 

Who grabbed my arm?  What scratched my face?  Are those teeth I feel? 

Why are they dragging me away?

What is happening?  Why are they laughing?  Why can’t I see them? 

Why can’t I scream?

What is that sticky liquid running down my arm?  Why do I feel so weak? 

Why are there so many hands on me?   Why can’t I run?  Why can’t I escape? 

Why am I in this dungeon, with my bones showing through? 

Why was I . . .
                                           . . . so curious?

Curiosity.  What an interesting word . . .

                                                                  HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!

© 2005  Beware of Curiosity , by Little Lee's Hopes 'n More.  Do not reproduce in any shape or form, do not copy and put on any website without permission.

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