Haunted House (Boy, don't we know it!)

Hey, it looks like we made it out!   I see some trick-or-treaters. (Remember, this is Halloween all year!)  Maybe we ought to warn them about this haunted house.  Of course, they look pretty scared already.

Thanks for taking me along on your little adventure!  If you want to go through the haunted house again, click on the moon above and our friendly flying witch (at least she's not trying to cook someone) will transport you back to the beginning of the tour.

If you wish to return to the Hopes 'n More home page, click on the ghost on the left.  If you wish to see where I found a certain graphic, click on the ghost on the right.  I've also listed a few links to other haunted sites that are fun.

Thanks again, and come back soon!  No matter what time of year it is, I wish you a Happy Halloween!

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