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Okay, I, freely admit it, I love Halloween!  Not the horror, gross-out type, or the cutsy, drowning in pixie sticks version, but somewhere in between.  Unlike Christmas, Halloween lasts only a few hours.  It's enough to make a grown mummy cry!

So to help, I've gotten permission from the Hopes 'n More local haunted house residents to let us Halloween junkies take a tour of their mansion whenever we need a quick fix. Wasn't that neighborly of them!  Now mind you, not all of the residents are happy with the idea, although several asked if those who visited could stay for dinner.  That does not seem like a good idea.  So if anyone in the mansion invites you to dinner, tell them you've made other plans with the villiagers down the road who love to storm mansions with torches when their dinner guests are late for supper!

When you're ready, walk through our haunted house and see who you bump into. (Only you really don't want to bump into anyone. Everyone in our haunted house has a short temper. You do NOT want to see anyone in there get angry.  It is not a pretty sight!)

(Important hints:  Run your cursor slowly over each image to see what's there.  If you go too fast, you may miss something.  If you need to quit the tour, there will be an exit link on almost every page, usually in the upper left corner, although occasionally the link will be on your right.   When you are in a hallway with the choice of different rooms to choose from, make sure you enter at least one room, and then leave that room through the door on the bottom left.  Otherwise, you could get stuck.  Also, turn your speakers on to hear haunted house music and sounds.  There is sound on every page. ( The sound level may vary from page to page, I'm still trying to figure out why.)  You will need 20 - 30 minutes to go through the whole house, depending on your connection speed.  
These pages are made entirely of images, scripts, and text.  In other words, the slower the internet connnection, the longer they will take to load.  If your connection is slow, some of the mouseovers may not work properly, but most should.  You may need to be patient.)

One last thing!  Despite appearances, this is NOT a graphics collection!  Please, please DO NOT COPY the images off this site!  At the end of the haunted house tour is a "credits" page, where each site where I found graphics, backgrounds, sounds, and scripts is listed.  (I forgot to write down where I found some images, so I have to find them again.)  If you want to go directly to the credits page now, click here. Otherwise, you are ready to go!  

So, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, do not leave until the ride has come to a full and complete stop, and have fun!  (Just please do not get yourself ate.  I hate cleaning up messes!  Remember my advice on any dinner invitations!)  

(If you get an Internet Explorer active content warning when first entering haunted house, click here.)

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Background by Graphics by Shawna

Ghost graphic at Curly's Halloween


IMPORTANT NOTE on Internet Explorer active content warnings: There are a lot of scripts running on these haunted house pages.  If you have Internet Explorer (I do not know about security restrictions in other browsers), you might get a message that says something like:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer.  Click here for options . . ."

When you click for options, you will get three choices:
  • Allow blocked content
  • What’s the risk?
  • Information bar help
To see all of the exciting things in the haunted house, you must click on "Allow blocked content."  This allows the scripts to run.  Please understand, the scripts running are only for mouseovers, sounds, or other effects.  I am not collecting any information from your computer, installing any software, or doing any other sneaky, nefarious, or underhanded function.  

After clicking on "Allow blocked content," you wil get this message:

"Allowing active content such as script and ActiveX controls can be useful, but active content might also harm your computer.  Are you sure you want to let this file run active content?"

Again, you muck click "yes" in order for the haunted house to run properly.

IIf this message does not show on your computer, then don't worry about it!