chandelier chandelier

Whew, I don't think old Drac saw us duck in here.  Boy, do I hate vampires!  Looks like this is the library.  Don't you just love the smell of musty, old books!  I wonder if the books are as old as the ghost librarian?  (Don't tell her I said she was old. She's still sensitive about her . . . um,  age.) Shall we browse the bookshelves?

 Look at that portrait below!  I think the poor guy looks better as a skeleton, don't you?

Portrait of Dorian Gray

booksbooks statue Shelf of books
booksbooks books booksbooks

booksbooks    horses
spiderbooks Imagine that, more books!              booksbooks

skull candleabra

scary window

I bet the librarian would love to tell us scary ghost stories all night, but we just don't have time.  Besides, I don't like the look of that guy outside the window. Why don't we head up those stairs and see what's on the second floor?

That is, if you still want to, of course.


chaise lounge