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This page will be about families. (Not just mine. . .I'm a little too private for that.) So please check back often!

Family smiles

****When was the last time you hugged your family for no reason at all?****

What are my qualifications for writing a page about families? Well, I've been a member of a family for quite some time, now. . . .I'm the mother of two teenage children, and the guardian of an over-lovable german shepherd and an over-sensitive cat. (Living with a cat or dog is like having a perpetual 3 year old around all the time.) I'm not saying that this makes me an expert. (I don't think there is such a thing.) But this page is just about some thoughts and ideas.

This was written by my daughter when she was age ten.


Dear Parents of the world,
Please don't be too dazy.
Please say this time is good
Because I know kids drive you crazy!

They may be noisy, obnoxious, and loud, too
But here's an afterthought
You may be crazy to them,
Although not to you!

Dear Parents of the world,
Kids can be tough to handle.
But you can light them up
Just like a candle!

It may be difficult, hard
And impossible to do;
But sometimes your kids help you out,
Because they love you, too!

Your work, dear parents,
Could drop in the cup. . .
If it weren't for your kids
To cheer you up!

It may be tight, dear parents,
and especially queasy
but your children. . . .
can. . . .


Families who . . . .work together, don't shirk together, play together, spray together (water fight with spray bottles. Try it sometime!), and especially pray together . . . . STAY TOGETHER!

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