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The smart-aleck of all time!   The gray-hair inducing, every wrinkle she has, bane of his mother!
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Mighty who, you ask? A colorful kid, who for two years saved the television world from the dastardly plans of such horrid, insane evils as Lockjaw, Dr. Zygote, Beetle Brow, ice aliens, doom dragons, zomboids, brain sucking aliens, and of course, the most awful of them all. . .



(or Bonebrain, if you prefer. An evil, ugly, isn't he?)

Max had two equally colorful sidekicks, the absolute, most dedicated companions . . . .
and pains in Max's side!

NormanNorman, the Guardian or Ultimate Protector, also known through history as the Thunderer, Hercules, Lancelot, Thor, Little John, and Samson. (Don't you think "Norman" fits best, though?) He is a BIG guy, and has had success in every encounter, except for one, Rangoon. Norman's favorite breakfast is the nearest bad guy in sight. (or the nearest evil anything) His favorite toy is his sword, he sleeps on a stone mattress, and he doesn't relax. . . who could, sleeping on a stone mattress? He's at least 10,000 years old, looks like he's 25, and never, absolutely never, smiles. (Well, actually, he has cracked the corners of his mouth a few times. Does that count?) He is a fierce warrior, afraid of nothing! . . .except spiders. (but we won't dwell on that.) Norman has served with many true heros, but now he flourishes in his ever-protective status as bodyguard to the capbearer. Beware, all you bad guys! Norman is going to eat you for breakfast!

Virgil, the all-knowing, all-wise noble chicken (uh, excuse me, fowl, actually) is a Lemurian by birth. He is almost always right, except for an occasional slip, the most noted one being, Rangoon. He liberally doles out his wisdom, but is frequently frustrated by the sometimes deaf ear of his prodigy. Virgil is also at least 10,000 years old, and there is some strange connection between the Lemurian, Skullmaster, and Norman that I would just love to know more about! Virgil cannot swim, fly, or joke (Lemurian's don't do those kind of things), but he can locate anyone, anything, anytime at any given moment, which includes Max, when the Mighty One's extraordinary talents are needed by the world!

Max's Mom
Known only as "Mom", this is Max's globe-trotting, occasionally in trouble, archeologist mother. She's featured predominately in five episodes and has brief appearances in at least six episodes (I'm still working on it). She almost accidently brought down the end of civilization once, but luckily, the Mighty One was there to rescue the world once again. She worries about her son, of course, (being a mom) like whether he is eating properly, poking his eye out, or melting his clothes. But, we should revere and respect her as the vessel that carried and bore our world saving hero, Mighty Max!

MightyMaxAnd finally, here he is at last, the chosen one, the capbearer, the justified one, the Mighty One himself . . . Max!  There is some question as to his age.  He refers to himself as a pre-teen, but he obviously is in junior high school, so he is somewhere around 11 or 13 years old. He has a marvelous sense of humor, sharp-witted to the end. He has acrobatic skills that would shame even a chimpanzee, but are invaluable resources for a hard-working hero.  His two friends, Felix and Bea, are usually understanding about the whole "cap" business, but occasionally get dragged along for an adventure.  Max is reluctant about being the chosen one, but he has not yet discovered that being a hero could really be an attractive, positive point to adoring females. (except for Bea.  What's her problem, anyway?)  Max has a pet lizard named Thor, who has starred in an episode himself.  Max collects trading cards, plays sports, forgets to clean his room, and hangs out with his friends when time permits, just like other kids.  But unlike other kids, his is a calling predestined when the world was new, a life that is not always his own, a challenge to keep one step ahead of the baddies out there, and an unwanted responsibility to hold his head (and cap) up high when facing the evils of an invaded world!  (So he's not like other kids, okay?)  The Tick once said, "Evil is afoot!"  Well, look out Skullmaster and all the rest of you ugly evils out there! Because when evil is afoot, so is Mighty Max!

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Favorite Quotes or Lines

Some of Virgil's Wisdom

- Every person has a gift, and in their gift, lies their destiny. (A Bellwether in One's Cap)
- You cannot see the present if you are staring into the past. (Norman's Conquest)
-- Without law, there is only chaos. (Werewolves of Dunneglen)
- Sometimes even destiny needs a helping hand. (Pandora's box, part 2)
- Bravery is not the absence of fear, its acting in spite of it. (Along Came Arachnoid)

Non-Virgil Wisdom

- Skill is merely focus. When focus is achieved, you need only release it. (Yona-Ya-In, The Maxnificent Seven)
- A powerful spirit will overcome any obstacle. (Beoulwulf, The Maxnificent Seven)
- (Max) If it's all fate, then it's going to happen anyway, right? (Norman) Some of it's fate, some of it's freewill. (Max) How do you know which is which?


Quotes by Norman

M     Let me go or I'll rip out your spine and use it as a charm bracelet! (Out in the Cold)

M     Hold on, Noble Chicken! We'll save you! (Out in the Cold)

M     I move for no squid! (Less than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea)

M     (Rich millionaire) My beautiful ships! Look at what they did to them. Why, whoever did this. . .watch out! I got boots made for stompin! (Norman) I can help. I have BIG feet. (Less than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea)

M      (Max) Hey, nice backhand, Normy! (Norman) I learned it on the courts of Camelot. (Pandora's Box 2)

M     (Skullmaster talking to another bad guy) Lava Lord, only a mewling coward hides behind machinery. A true warrior would meet me sword to sword! (as Norman draws his sword, Max says) Norman, he's not talking to you! (Norman) Nuts! (Pandora's Box)

M     (Max to Norman) Norman, I need you to work the missile system. (Norman) I HATE technology! {ka-POW!} But I LOVE a good explosion! (Pandora's Box

M     Virgil, no . . .this can't be! (Max) Pull yourself together, Normy. We may not know what's going on, but I am the capbearer. And you are the guardian. It's our job to save the world, and that's exactly what we're going to do! (Norman) Thanks, Mighty One. I needed that. (Pandora's Box 2)

M     (said to a dragon) I've fished with bigger worms than you. (Blood of the Dragon)

M     Pick on someone your own size! (Skullmaster) You will suffer for this insolence! You will beg for mercy! (Norman) Yeah, right. (Blood of the Dragon)

M     Okay, I'm afraid of spiders! Don't ask me why. I've fought dragons, faced off against giant eyeballs, werewolves, and dinosaurs, but spiders. . . .uuuh! (Along Came Arachnid)

M     (bad guy) Fool, you cannot harm my flesh, for I, Talon, am immortal! (Norman) I like a challange! (Souls of Talon)

M     (after looking at mutants coming their way) I eat mutants for . . . never mind. (Zygote Music)

Quotes by Mighty Max

M     I think I hear my mom calling me. You know, I'd really love to stay and chat, but she's a real monster if I'm not home by dinner. (Skullmaster) More than me? (A Bellwether in One's Cap)

M     Oh how humilating, having to suck up to a nerd. . . I never realized saving the world would come at such a high price. (The Brainsuckers Cometh)

M     (Virgil) Beware, Mighty One. I have doubts about our host's mental stability. (Max) Not me. I KNOW he's crazy! (Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea)

M     Another day, another monster blown to bits! (Werewolves of Dunneglen)

M     Brrrr! Why did they have to be ice aliens? Why couldn't they be Florida aliens? (Out in the Cold)

M     Virgil, the next time earth needs to be saved, call 911. (Out in the Cold)

M     Excuse me, you know real heros who will help? Why didn't you say so, Virgil? I've been running around almost getting killed all this time, and you're buddies with Batman? (The Maxnificent Seven)

M     (Skullmaster) Now, (capbearer), if I were to offer you this cup of dragon's blood . . . (Max) Oh, that wouldn't make me evil. It'd make me hurl. (Blood of the Dragon)

M     Aw, man, does dragon's blood stain? My mom's gonna kill me when she sees this! (Blood of the Dragon)

M     Yes! Intelligent, good-looking superhero kid, ONE--- big, dumb, ugly doofus, zippo! (The Axeman Cometh)

M     (Norman) If that Yeti has hurt him, I'll be making Yeti stew tonight! (Max) Forget it, Normy, I've ate your cooking. (Max vs. Max)

M     (Mom) This figurine is incredible. Do you think I could possibly have it? (Medicine chief) If you like, you may have it, but I must warn you. This place is filled with evil. (Max) Mom, Mom, um. . .I don't think it's such a good idea messing around with evil. Call it a hunch. (The Mother of All Adventures)

Quotes by Others

M     (Mom) Max, I don't think this is the time to. . . (Max) Chill, Mom, this is superhero stuff! (Virgil) Don't worry, he is after all, the Mighty One. (Mom) I used to diaper the Mighty One. I worry! (Tar Wars)

M     (girl in Ireland, after making an incredible basket shot) Thanks! I felt like that great Irish player, Shaquille O'Neal. (Fauth and Begorra)


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