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To view these videos, please download to your own server first.  (You can always delete them afterwards.)  I will change the file path often to prevent direct linking to this site.  For Windows users, right click on the link, click on "Save Target As", then choose a file from your hard drive to save the video to.  All videos are in wmv format.  

Please note!  These videos have been made using clips found in other videos (except for Be a Man,  Poison Ivy, One of Us/DeceptionIt's a Jungle Out There, and I Am Man), however, this is changing. I finally bought Stargate on DVD (yea!)  It is going slow, but I am in the process of redoing these videos with my own clips.  When they are all completed, this note will be removed.  Also, I plan on changing a few clips as I redo the videos.  (These vids were originally made for the enjoyment only of my family, but when I decided to put them on the web, I realized that I needed to redo them with original clips.)

Update: I didn't realize how much memory space was needed for this process. This has definitely been a learning experience!  I am continuing to work on these videos, but it is going slow because of memory issues.  I will keep you apprised!  Thanks!

New Update:  I am continuing to glean clips from my DVDs, and hope to start replacing the remaining "clip copied" videos with videos of my own clips.


The lives of Daniel Jackson Song:  Highwayman
The Lives and Deaths of Daniel Jackson. 8.39 MB    

Jack and Sam Song: The Stalking Song
I'm not into the shipper stuff, but when I heard this song, well . . . see for yourself.  Sam/Jack vid, done tongue-in-cheek.  8.33 MB

Poison ivy Hathor Song: Poison Ivy
Episode: Hathor, 9.14 MB
The evil Hathor with her poisonous breath!  
Need I say more?

Sam Song: Femininity
The feminine side of Sam. (mostly) 9.22 MB

Sam Song: Femininity, Take Two 
My kids didn't think the first video was sarcastic enough, so here is a more satirical version!  
(Watch the first version first.)

The other guys Song: Be a Man
Episode:  The Other Guys, 8.89 MB
How the "Other Guys" became men!

Evil Tanith
Song: One of Us/Deception
Tanith tries to deceive everyone, but his deception doesn't work. 8.77 MB

Daniel lost in the jungle
Song: It's a Jungle Out There
Poor Daniel and Dr. Lee get kidnapped in the jungles of South America. 6.45 MB

Jack enjoying the view Song: We Are All Earthlings
Feel-good team video, 7.84 MB
Better than Kumbya!

I am Man, Jack style

Song: I Am Man
This video is all Jack. 7.42 MB

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Copyright Disclaimer:   All things related to the Stargate world are the property of MGM, not me.  The songs used in these videos are not mine.  No money is being made from these videos.  If you see one of these videos in a collection that is being sold for money or other compensation, please contact me at once.

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