What Happened to All the Toys?

If you were redirected here from my original site, Little Lee's Hopes 'n Toys, you are probably wondering what happened to all the toys.  I wish I had an exciting, wondrous response, like they were all bought, or they all danced away into the rainbow sunset one evening, but the answer is nothing so glamourous.

We moved in the year 2000. Shortly thereafter I started having health problems. Between the two events, I found that I was neglecting my web site, including not keeping the toypages updated. I just kind of let things drop for awhile.

In 2005, I decided to merge back onto the information highway, even though I might be doing it in an old clunker car.  But I realized I could not keep up with the toy portion of my site.  So I changed the name to Hopes 'n More, leaving room to add a myriad of things in the future, although sadly, this will no longer include fast food toys.

I will be selling some of the fast food toys I still have squirreled away in the basement, but once they are gone, that will be that.  

Over the next few months, I will be going through my fast food toys.  If you have something specific you are looking for, you can always ask.  Who knows, I may have it!  (Especially toys that came out before the year 2002.)

Many thanks to those who supported and visited my Hopes 'n Toys website!  

Late at night, when I cannot sleep,
I see them slumber, where angels keep.
Snuggled, cuddled, in yarn and spring fields,
Their lullaby calls, and my grateful eyes yield.

Copyright 2005 Little Lee's Hopes 'n More


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